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Where Amazing Happens

March 26th, 2010

“By grace you have been saved.” Ephesians 2:5 NAS

“Grace is never about what you do or have; it is always about God.”

My thoughts today are about “where amazing happens.”

Ever wondered what “grace” looks like? You have seen it, even if you did not recognize it. You have received it, even though you did not deserve it. Hopefully, you have given it to someone along the way, when that was the last thing they expected. Grace is extending to another a generous measure of benevolence that is better than they deserve, and well beyond what they can repay.

Grace is best seen when you are treated in a manner other than you could expect, or benefit from more than you could have earned. Grace is not really about you or what you’ve done. Grace is all about the one that offers it. It is given unconditionally, from a source that did not have to do so.

Interestingly, the Greek word for “grace” comes from the primary root word meaning “to rejoice.” Might that connection suggest that grace rejoices one’s heart with favor and forgiveness when the pain and loss of judgment and retribution would have been expected? Grace from God is expressed in goodness and mercy. See Psalm 23:6. Goodness is when God gives you what you could not deserve; mercy is when God does not give you what you do deserve.

“We too lived in our fleshly desire, carrying out the inclinations of our flesh and thoughts, and by nature were the children under wrath . . but God, Who is abundant in mercy, because of His great love that He had for us made us alive with the Messiah even though you were (spiritually) dead in trespasses . . for by grace you are saved through faith, and this is not from yourselves; it is God’s gift, not from works, so that no one can boast.” Ephesians 2:3-9. See 2 Corinthians 9:14-15 NIV.

You cannot get grace by anything you have or do; you can only be given grace as a free gift.   “The Word became flesh and took up residence with us . . as the One and Only Son, full of grace and truth. Indeed, we have all received grace after grace from His fullness . . grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” John 1:14/16. In life you may experience occasional glimpses of graciousness from others, but real grace is only fully and truly expressed through Jesus the Savior.

Lately, we have been singing a simple chorus, “Your grace still amazes me, Your love is still a mystery; Each day I fall on my knees; ‘cause Your grace still amazes me.” Phillips, Craig and Dean. Grace is where amazing happens!

My prayer for you today is that you rejoice in His grace, and give grace to others.

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