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June 12th, 2010

I wanted to share an email I got recently from a friend who shares EveryDay Life with a growing circle of people, and has done so for several years . . it is always good to hear from friends about how God uses EDL in their lives, and how they are using that to share with others. Some of the most encouraging reports of people’s lives being impacted have come from someone passing a devotional on to a friend when they thought it might help that particular day. Seems like there is good Bible precedent for friends bringing a friend to Jesus, where he found forgiveness and healing! “The Lord gave the word; Great was the company of those who proclaimed it.” Psalm 68:11 NKJV.  Thanks to Pastor Lusi in Bulgaria, Pastor Paul in Wisconsin, and my friend, Ed, in Corpus Christi for being in that company . .

June 9, 2010   ———————————————————

I send EveryDay Life to a friend who travels all over the USA as a sales rep for a large company in Minneapolis, MN. He prints these out for his travel bag, to catch up on his reading as he flies across the country. He told me today that he had read several weeks worth and discarded them in the plane’s lavatory trash.

Later in the flight when about to leave the plane, he mentioned to the stewardess how thankful he was for their service. She responded that she had seen his discarded papers in the trash and was reading them, commenting, “That was some good reading.”

How about that – some have even pulled your teachings out of the trash and were blessed. Paul