Christmas 2011 and the New Year 2012

Christmas 2011 and New Year 2012

I trust that you enjoyed a blessed and joyous Christmas with family and friends. The real gifts of Christmas are not the ones gaily wrapped and waiting under a lighted, ornament adorned tree, however lovingly chosen and joyfully given they are. The real gift of Christmas is the One the Bible calls God’s “indescribable Gift” – His Son Jesus – and the irreplaceable gifts of love and companionship from family and friends! Whatever your circumstances right now, the blessing and joy of a Savior’s birth can be, and should be, yours on Christmas Day and every day of life that follows.

I think I will take the next few days to enjoy this transitional week from the well worn year of 2011 and the waiting-to-be-discovered 2012. I will resume EveryDay Life for the New Year, and hope that you will continue to invest a brief bit of your mornings with me in giving priority everyday to the wisdom and encouragement of God’s powerful Word. Even a few minutes each day can result in amazing spiritual life and development. I so enjoy sharing thoughts and comments that God has invested in my life, and continues to develop and broaden.

This year has seen a growing circle of readers in Bulgaria where EveryDay Life has been translated by a friend and pastor, Lusi Arsov. Just a bit less than 2,ooo readers have signed up to receive EDL there. And this year has seen new readers in Norway, Philippines, Spain, and China, and many friends that report they forward EveryDay Life to friends with their comment or recommendation. I am glad that you are part of sharing God’s Word with others. I am often encouraged by the kind and timely responses I have received from many of you of how God has touched your heart or given you EDL as a tool to share an encouraging word with someone else. Your encouragement and partnership is an invaluable gift from God.

Let’s anticipate the sovereign intervention of God in our lives, families, churches, communities, nation, and world in 2012. He is truly God Who “crowns the year with His goodness.” Let’s press on to know the Lord together . .