Recognition and Opportunities

“You were loyal with small things. I will let you care for greater things.” Matthew 25:23 NCV.

Greater responsibilities require achievements worthy of recognition.

My thoughts and comments today are about “recognition and opportunities.”

People seem to think they should start at the top. You might hope for the big and important opportunities first, but that is not how life really works. You may look at the ease with which someone does their job successfully, and assume that you could do it just as easily. Greater opportunities and responsibilities require achievements worthy of recognition. You don’t understand the tireless effort that provided another’s success and developed their skills.

On your path to success, small responsibilities provide useful lessons and needed experience. Learn from the struggles and mistakes. Life experiences prepare you for greater opportunities. When the opportunity comes, be ready for it. “Overnight success” usually takes a long time. Success that comes too quickly usually isn’t handled well or enjoyed long.

Mistakenly, some begin to think promotion is about what they have done. Here’s what really happens. Along your way, people appreciate your effort and see your potential, generously giving you opportunities to achieve and applauding your success. As I look back across my life, anything that I have been allowed to accomplish or become has been the direct result of the grace of God and the graciousness of a lot of people on my behalf. I have given the effort, but others have given me opportunity, encouragement, and much assistance. Read 1 Thessalonians 5:11 NIV.

Most importantly, don’t confuse success with achievement. Everyone wants success, or at least the benefits, privileges, and rewards success can bring. A culture of impatience values the product more than the process. Noteworthy achievement requires sacrifice and comes when you have prepared well, become equipped for success, and worked diligently.

Be forewarned. Success, when unearned and unprepared for, can result in ultimate failure. In subtle ways, success can corrupt values and cloud your judgment, making you arrogant when you should be appreciative, or greedy when you should be generous. Hold public praise and recognition gratefully, but lightly; use it wisely, while it’s yours to enjoy. Jesus taught an irreversible principle of the Kingdom of God, “The Master said, ‘You did well. You were loyal with small things. I will let you care for greater things. Come and share My joy with Me.’” Matthew 25:23 NCV.

Achievement and success begin by your being a good manager and faithful servant with what you have now. Jesus taught, “If you have not been faithful in that which is least, you will not be faithful in that which is much. If you have not been faithful with riches, who will give you true wealth? If you have not been faithful in what belongs to another, who will give you what is your own?” Luke 16:10-12. So much of your future can be the product of a diligent past. Be faithful in the things presently at hand and greater opportunities will be given and greater success achieved.

My prayer for you today is: prefer God’s reward above the recognition of others.