About Allen Randolph

The term, “a pastor to pastors” aptly applies to Allen Randolph, who served as Senior Pastor of Trinity Church in San Antonio, Texas, until 2011. Allen has served in pastoral ministry for more than fifty years, pastoring in San Antonio since 1975. In those years the church established a reputation as an interdenominational ministry center “touching hearts and changing lives.” The church grew to an interdenominational influence, touching the leadership of a circle of churches through Allen’s commitment to establish continuing servant-relationships with pastors and churches who seek counsel and accountability.

From a shepherd’s heart and a teacher’s gift, Pastor Randolph offers pastors and congregations time, friendship, encouragement, pastoral counsel and ministry, while teaching leadership integrity and spiritual maturity. He maintains a high priority on relationships in ministry, feeling that a pastor’s leadership profile and effectiveness is strengthened and deepened by mutually committed relationships that foster accountability and affirmation.

Allen and his wife, Gayle, have been married 50 years, and have two grown children, six grandchildren, and more recently a great granddaughter. From his desire to share Godly wisdom and practical life lessons with their grandchildren, EveryDay Life began in a simpler form as a practical means of daily contact with their eldest granddaughter when she went to university in the fall of 2006. As others asked to be included, EveryDay Life has now grown to reach readers across the US, and now in over 100 countries internationally. In 2010 through Friends Church in Sofia, EDL began to be translated in Bulgarian and is provided weekly to a growing circle of readers in Eastern Europe. There are currently discussions to translate EDL and provide it in the nations of Poland and the Czech Republic.

EveryDay Life is a ministry expression of Christian Communications, Inc. and Every Day Life Ministries.