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A Puritan Prayer

January 1st, 2015

Thank you for being a reader of EveryDay Life, a circle growing that now reaches into more than 120 nations around the globe, now read in English and Bulgarian editions. My prayer for you is that 2015 is a year blessed and graced with a new passion for God and ever growing love for His Word . . Blessings, Allen and Gayle Randolph

Fireworks night


An ancient prayer for the New Year . . 2015

“Give me increase in grace so that there may be more decision in my character, more vigour in my purposes, more elevation in my life, more fervour in my devotion, more constancy in my zeal.

As I have position in the world, keep me from making the world my position; may I never seek in the creature what can only be found in the Creator; let not faith cease from seeking Thee until it vanishes into sight.

Ride forth in me thou King of kings and Lord of lords, that I may live victoriously , and in victory attain my end.”

From “Puritan Prayers and Devotions”/ The Valley of Vision

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