Tag: spiritual drift

First Love

When and where love diminishes, relationships suffer. “You have left your first love.” Revelation 2:4 NKJV. Love is not lost easily. Real love is resilient, willing to overlook disappointment, and love is fairly tenacious, holding fast as long as hope lives. But even when love is not easily lost, love […]

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Every attempt to turn away from sin is marginal and temporary without a Savior. “Remember the height from which you have fallen.” Revelation 2:5 NIV. Memory is a good thing. Memories hold special times and people in your heart when they are otherwise gone from you. But some people seem […]

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The Examined Life

“Test me, O Lord . . examine my heart and my mind.” Psalm 26:2 NIV Refuse the false refuge of an unexamined life. My thoughts and comments today are about an “examined life.” It is presently the time of year when students at all academic levels face final exams and […]

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