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Wisdom from God’s Word for every day of your life.

Abilities – Yours and His

“Do (all) with the ability . . which God gives.” 1 Peter 4:11 NKJV “No one can do everything, but what you are meant to do can be done with abilities God gives.” You have abilities; everyone does. Most of the time your abilities and resource may seem adequate for […]

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Problems Hide Possibilities

“Everyday life is a school where any experience can be a lesson for later.” It is easy to think that life would be wonderful if you never had a problem, but that is neither true nor possible. You will encounter things in your life’s path that are challenging, not pleasant. […]

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Moving Forward

“I would rather be with God on the wrong road, than on the right road without Him.” There is a lot of talk about forks in the road that present themselves across the course of one’s lifetime. Will you turn left, or right? Which is better for you? The decision […]

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“God placed in man’s relational DNA the desire and need to be with others, to belong.” I can think of few if any things more important for your feeling of well being than to have a confident sense of belonging. Without belonging, wherever you are, you feel lost; whoever you’re […]

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“Disappointments come in all sizes and from a variety of sources.” Every expectation, friendship, plan, or circumstance does not turn out exactly the way you wish. Inevitably at such times, you will need to deal with disappointment, because that is one of the life experiences that everyone has eventually. Disappointments […]

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