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Wisdom from God’s Word for every day of your life.


“God placed in man’s relational DNA the desire and need to be with others, to belong.” I can think of few if any things more important for your feeling of well being than to have a confident sense of belonging. Without belonging, wherever you are, you feel lost; whoever you’re […]

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“Disappointments come in all sizes and from a variety of sources.” Every expectation, friendship, plan, or circumstance does not turn out exactly the way you wish. Inevitably at such times, you will need to deal with disappointment, because that is one of the life experiences that everyone has eventually. Disappointments […]

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Beyond Your Problems

“See the unfolding purpose of God beyond the difficulty, and rejoice in anticipation of good.” As long as there are times in your life, some of those will be trying times. You cannot avoid nor escape them. You must face them, be patient and faithful during them, and learn from […]

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Stormy Weather

“You have to know how to sail safely through a storm.” A few years ago on a vacation cruise, Gayle and I experienced a violent storm at sea. Well, more than a storm, it was a major hurricane off the Pacific coast of Mexico. To avoid the hurricane, the Captain […]

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What You Know and Don’t Know

“You do not have to know it all; you do have to know that what you know is true.” Have you ever known someone who thought they “knew it all?” Pretty annoying, isn’t it? It must be a terrible burden to have to know it all, and be right every […]

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