Category: Devotionals

Wisdom from God’s Word for every day of your life.

Beyond Your Problems

“See the unfolding purpose of God beyond the difficulty, and rejoice in anticipation of good.” As long as there are times in your life, some of those will be trying times. You cannot avoid nor escape them. You must face them, be patient and faithful during them, and learn from […]

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Stormy Weather

“You have to know how to sail safely through a storm.” A few years ago on a vacation cruise, Gayle and I experienced a violent storm at sea. Well, more than a storm, it was a major hurricane off the Pacific coast of Mexico. To avoid the hurricane, the Captain […]

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What You Know and Don’t Know

“You do not have to know it all; you do have to know that what you know is true.” Have you ever known someone who thought they “knew it all?” Pretty annoying, isn’t it? It must be a terrible burden to have to know it all, and be right every […]

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Loving Center Stage

“Take your final bow, exit stage left, and yield center stage to the One Heaven applauds.” “All the world’s a stage, and men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances . .” “As You Like It,” Wm Shakespeare. The problem comes when a person does not […]

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Because Nice Matters

“Courtesy honors the dignity and individuality of other people, and treats them accordingly.” My wife, Gayle, has a small plaque in our home that simply reads, “Because Nice Matters!” Those simple but powerful words have become the everyday expression of her daily life and practical ministry to others – in […]

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