Category: Devotionals

Wisdom from God’s Word for every day of your life.

What You Know and Don’t Know

“You do not have to know it all; you do have to know that what you know is true.” Have you ever known someone who thought they “knew it all?” Pretty annoying, isn’t it? It must be a terrible burden to have to know it all, and be right every […]

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Loving Center Stage

“Take your final bow, exit stage left, and yield center stage to the One Heaven applauds.” “All the world’s a stage, and men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances . .” “As You Like It,” Wm Shakespeare. The problem comes when a person does not […]

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Because Nice Matters

“Courtesy honors the dignity and individuality of other people, and treats them accordingly.” My wife, Gayle, has a small plaque in our home that simply reads, “Because Nice Matters!” Those simple but powerful words have become the everyday expression of her daily life and practical ministry to others – in […]

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Loving Passionately

“Let the great and holy passion of your life first be to know Jesus intimately.” All of life is best lived with passion. A marriage weakens as passion lessens. Your achievements diminish where passion suffers. Friendship and fellowship lose their luster as time and activity together grows of lesser importance. […]

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Worry Does not Work

“Worry is easier not to start than trying to stop, once you have begun.” Why would anyone keep trying something that doesn’t work? But we do; we all do. Well, worry is one of those things that you will do even if it doesn’t do any good – doesn’t change […]

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