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Life with Delight

May 8th, 2012

“I delight to do Your will, O my God.” Psalm 40:8 NKJV

“First things come first, always.”

My thoughts and comments today are about “life with delight.”

Life is not really about doing whatever you want whenever you want, though too many try to make life work that way. You can do that, but it won’t turn out well for you. Why doesn’t that work? Because you will always substitute an easier task for a hard one, a fun activity for a demanding one, or choose a pleasant distraction rather than the important matter requiring your attention. And the unplanned result? You don’t complete your work; you won’t learn self-discipline, and you waste valuable time you cannot replace. My Dad often reminded me, “First things come first, always.” He was right; I have found that is how life works best.

Life is about priorities. You are given the time you need to do what God chose you to do. If you fail to accomplish that, all else was time wasted. You are not promised the time or means to do any and everything you’d like to do. Jesus said, “God will give you all you need from day to day if you live for Him and make the Kingdom of God your primary concern.” Matthew 6:33 NLT. Make God’s Kingdom – His righteous rulership and eternal purposes – your primary concern. When you do that, God gives you resource, time, and opportunity for so much else that pleases and satisfies you. Get the order wrong, and nothing works as it should.

Just a week ago, a great-granddaughter, Kaylee Grace, was born into our family. In preparation months before, my wife, Gayle, bought a regal, round bassinet for Kaylee (fit for a Princess, I might add). Of course, some assembly was required! The assembly wasn’t that complicated, so I began. You guessed it; before I had gotten very far, something wasn’t done in the order needed. Some dis-assembly was required, and the belated, requisite reading of the instructions occurred. I thought I could do it without taking time to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Sound familiar, maybe similar to your life story sometimes? How is that working out for you? I just wasted a few minutes; some people waste valuable years and damage important relationships from ignoring the Manufacturer’s instructions.

Your life works best when you live it as God intends. Marriage and family don’t work the way you want; they work the way God designed – with sacrificial love, self denial, mutual respect, and exclusive loyalty. Alternatives have been explored unsuccessfully. God’s way is always the best way. Read Ephesians 5:21-33 NIV.

The Psalmist David had his priority right when he wrote, “I delight to do Your will, O my God, and Your Law is within my heart.” Psalm 40:8 NKJV. The first is not possible without the latter being true. God’s will is found in God’s Word. You find God’s will in His heart; then you put His will in your heart. “. . with all your heart do what God wants . .” Ephesians 6:6 TEV. In His will, you find life with delight. Read Romans 12:1-2 NLT. You can obey because you must, and life will be drudgery; you can obey because you should, and be religious without satisfaction. God wants you to choose the true delight of heart to do His will, so you will discover the exquisite delight in life that comes only to those who do.

My prayer for you today is that you will give Godly priorities first importance.

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