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Giving Thanks to God, and You

March 22nd, 2013

March 21, 2013

Giving Thanks to God, and you!

“And the Good News must first be preached to every nation . . The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.” Mark 13:10 NLT/Psalm 68:11 KJV.

EveryDay Life has an exciting growth spurt. But first a bit of history . .  

In 2006, EveryDay Life began as a daily email to our granddaughter as she started her university studies. Friends who knew I was writing a devotional for her began to ask if EDL could be copied to them. When the number was about 200 readers, it required a blog site to accommodate the mailing and a friend, Pete, set up EDL in a blog and mailing service, and continues today to host EDL on his company’s servers. Soon after that Paul, a pastor in Wisconsin, asked permission to provide the devotionals weekly to the police and sheriff’s departments where he served as chaplain, which he continues to do today. He weekly emails to about 300 readers and personally hands out 300 printed copies to people who have requested copies.

About three years ago, Lusi, a pastor in Sofia, Bulgaria, who had been receiving EDL asked permission to form a team of translators to provide EveryDay Life in Bulgarian. In addition to about 700 weekly emails, Friends Church began a website and later added a Facebook page for EveryDay Life. In two years, the website recorded 89,000+ readers, and in 2012 Facebook reported that the Bulgarian EDL page was read by 45,000+ persons in 83 countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and North and South America.

Now about the growth spurt I spoke of. Though emails will continue to be a primary source for EveryDay Life, a creative, tech savvy friend, Michael, recently constructed a Facebook page for EveryDay Life. Every time the email is sent, EDL is also posted on Facebook. From March 10-16, Facebook reported 1,552 readers in 20 countries, with the largest % of readers, age 25-34. You can do the math and extrapolate the potential number of “hearts touched and lives changed” across the remainder of 2013.

Gayle and I give thanks to God, and you! Only God could foresee the diverse people and places His Word would reach from our “five loaves and two fish.” Nor would this have been possible without those of you who journey alongside us, ministering encouragement through your words, emails, and personal stories. Much of the growth has been from your sharing devotionals with others and your personal recommendation of EDL to friends. Thank you, and let’s rejoice and give thanks to God together.

EveryDay Life is a ministry tool for you to partner with us to share the practical wisdom of God’s Word for everyday life. Share it freely with friends as the occasion is given you, and encourage those who would be strengthened in spiritual life and growth to subscribe at the website. “And the Good News must first be preached to every nation . . The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it.” Mark 13:10 NLT/Psalm 68:11 KJV.

You can always browse, or refer friends to, the archive of more than 900 previous EDL devotionals at the website – – or visit the EDL Facebook page –

[If you support the ministry of EveryDay Life and have a Facebook page, would you consider going to the EDL Facebook page and indicate  you “Like” Everyday Life? Thank you for your help.]

Allen Randolph

EveryDay Life Ministries

Christian Communications, Inc

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Thoughts on a Birthday

July 18th, 2012

Reflections upon a milestone birthday

EveryDay life began in 2006 as a means of sharing our faith with our grandchildren. Last year on my birthday, I wrote the comments I share below for our children and their children, and hopefully for the sake of the family’s generation(s) that will follow after my journey is complete. To celebrate this milestone birthday as well as our 49th anniversary the first of August, Gayle and I are taking some leisure time together and I will not be writing EveryDay Life the remainder of this month. I thought this would be a good time to share with you the words I first wrote to our family, since you have become a fellow traveler on our journey and an extension of our spiritual family of faith. My comments to our family upon my birthday last year are really at the heart of why I write this daily devotional each day. I am privileged to share EveryDay Life Ministries with a widening circle of readers, and it is now translated into Bulgarian and touching lives in more than a dozen countries from which readers have made contact with us.

Today is my birthday – 70 years! I prefer to think of this day as the successful achievement of six decades of God’s favor and grace, accompanied by so many people’s gracious kindnesses. I can hardly believe that number of years. That is a long time to live, but not nearly enough yet. The customary greeting on such a day is “Happy Birthday,” and as I read greetings in cards, emails, and Facebook this morning, I reflected on what makes me truly happy. Happiness for its self can be strangely elusive. Happiness is much less than Gayle and I have sought; from God,we have expected and experienced something better – His joy and true satisfaction. I have concluded that among all that we enjoy, central to our joy and satisfaction are three things: our faith, our family, and our friends. My “birthday wish” would be that those we love and serve would share those three values sincerely.

Our faith has been central to all else, the source and  support for daily life through good and not so good times and things, making us more than we would have been without it, providing our family with a network of others who share and depend upon that faith, keeping us on track when we could have gone astray, and opening doors of opportunity for us that I would not have wanted to miss. Most of all, faith makes me know that our hearts and future are safely in God’s hands. All is well, and will be well forever. Our greatest joy is seeing that our “children walk in the truth.” Remember, faith cannot be inherited; it is a personal and individual decision that you alone can make, and you must. The earlier in life you decide that, the simpler it is to do so. It is primary, not secondary to all other decisions you will make, and is best reaffirmed every day. Don’t waste a day of life without a clear and personal faith. Do not live a single day facing eternity without that assurance of soul.

Marriage and family have brought us a greater joy than I could ever have foreseen in my youth. Had I been wiser sooner I would have invested more of myself much earlier. Family is the greatest investment I have ever made – producing far richer and more satisfying dividends than property and possessions ever could. I wish for you the joy and pleasure multiplied in your lives that we have received from you. Prize the time and times you have together. The years are too brief and pass too quickly to take them for granted because of busyness or lesser pursuits. You are the one who can make every day a joy-filled day. Our family has enjoyed privileges and blessings to the degree that faith has been central to who we are and how we choose to live our lives together.

The right friends are the greatest of God’s gifts to your life. Choose them well and wisely. Friends who share your faith and values will best shape who you become in many ways that you may not realize until later. The older I have become, the more appreciative I am of the unmistakable influence of the people God has placed in and around my life. Gayle and I are blessed. Like family, friends become invaluable with each year, through the common experiences and memories you will share. By their acceptance and example, friends have helped me become a man, husband, father, friend, and pastor far better than I would have been without them. I would counsel you to be purposeful about friendships and, most importantly, become the kind of friend that you would want others to be in your life. When you are young you have many acquaintances and associations; the years sort those and reveal the friendships that make your latter years full and satisfying, as ours have been. Lots of people around you cannot make your life full; but even a few of the right kind of friends who challenge and inspire you will make life richer than you dream.

These are the eternal, therefore important, things – faith, family, and friends – that are important to my life on this birthday, and that I pray you will prioritize and value in your life. You know, now that I think about it, this really is a happy birthday.

With love and prayers . .

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A Pastor from Belgium

April 12th, 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dear friends of EDL, I just received the email below forwarded from Pastor Lusi Arsov, who has diligently translated EveryDay Life into Bulgarian for the last couple of years. As you will read, he received it from a friend and pastor who has been receiving EveryDay Life in the Bulgarian language. I am at my desk in Woking, England, and had to share his kind words with you who also read and share EDL with those within your circles of influence.

These recent years of writing EDL, I have learned how much God delights to enable any of us to “see beyond sight, give beyond means, and touch beyond reach.” Years earlier, I heard Pastor Jack Hayford say those words and was challenged to believe for that grace. The greatest joy is giving your meager “loaves and fish” into Jesus’ hands and seeing the unimaginable things He can do. You don’t have to have much; you do have to trust Him with all you have.

Thank you Pastor Lusi and Svetla and Friends Church for enabling Gayle and I to “touch beyond our reach” in Bulgaria. I look forward to being with Friends Church in Sofia the Sunday after this.

EveryDay Life, Allen Randolph



Here is what I just got in the mail with request to forward it to you. Russy is a Bible School graduate, and he led a church near our city (Sofia, Bulgaria) for a few years but now lives and works in Belgium, due to economic situations.

Blessings, Lusi

(Lusi Arsov; Pastor, Friends Church; Sofia, Bulgaria)

——– Forwarded Message ——————————-

Dear Pastor Allen,

I’ve been receiving the material (EveryDay Life) translated into Bulgarian for the last couple of years and I’m really grateful for the encouragement, wisdom and challenge that it provides. It has inspired me many times and God has used it to speak and reveal Himself to me personally.

I will not be there to meet you on your visit to Friends Church (as I live in Belgium) but I surely hope that your stay will inspire and influence the people you meet even more than the weekly messages. I’m also sure you’ll enjoy some lovely Bulgarian hospitality. (-:


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